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Three French Bullgod Puppies

The Full Story


Fox and the Hounds was created to help owners and pets grow a bond that will last a lifetime. We offer training and consultation for dogs of all ages and breeds. Based mainly on positive reinforcement, we use ever-changing techniques to shape your dog into an outstanding member of the community and your life.


Positive Training

Our techniques are adopted from the same training that professionals around the world use to train animals small and large alike. From dogs to dolphins and mice to monkeys, positive reinforcement is frequently used to develop skills and behaviors. We all find that animals enjoy learning more and retain the information better than when using aversive techniques. 

Human and Pet Empowerment

We strive to teach dogs to have the ability to perform tasks in a public setting. By encouraging others to build a bond with their pets and their neighbors, we further strengthen the community. 


Training Integration

Anxiety and aggression isn't fun for humans or pets, so everything we do is set to reduce. From training in groups to grooming, we work to make every experience they have a positive one, aiming to make their lives happier and your lives easier.

Never Too Old to Learn New Tricks

Dogs of all ages can benefit from our sessions. You can start your new puppy as early as 8 weeks of age, introducing good behaviors before having to correct the bad ones, or you can use our sessions to put life back into your old dog and watch them feel more energetic and be happier. 

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