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Fox and the Hounds

Creating a more positive world for pets and humans alike.

I’m Shea Fox, the creator and lead trainer of Fox and the Hounds. I put my passion for animals above all else in our company. My story involves endless experiences with animal care. A little bit about me; I am 26 years old, I have a son and my fiance and I have a German Shepherd named Heidi. She loves to train and work on new tricks to show off in public. We also have a panther chameleon named Dart. Along with a freshwater and saltwater fish tank. My background with animals started at my local pet store, where I learned how to care for all animals large and small. I was trained to work with canines and their owners, along with studying animal nutrition as a specialty. Eventually, I adopted and created my own techniques which lead to starting Fox and the Hounds. It has been a struggle starting a business during peak COVID times, but we have fought adversity and are now stronger because of it. Some people say, “You’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love!” This industry is my passion and I have invested countless hours of spare time to learn and grow as much as I have. Positive Training isn’t just a technique for me, it’s my way of life! I hope to one day reach the majority of my community, and others, with our values so we can have everlasting bonds with our dogs. Meanwhile, trusting that our furry friends know the difference between right and wrong and can make responsible decisions.

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Improve you and your dog’s life by teaching them good manners and behaviors.

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Kara, Zach, and Milo


The biggest change that we saw overall with our dog is obedience during training . He started to listen to us better as we kept training him. One of my favorite things that he does now is sitting and laying down just by me using hand commands! Everything that Shea has taught us and our dog has been very beneficial. After lots of practice, everything has thankfully stuck and paid off! We really enjoyed the program as well as Shea’s great personality and professionalism! I highly recommend Fox and the Hounds for any of your training needs!

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Becky and Xena


Xena was a fairly aggressive Rottweiler who absolutely did not like people that she didn’t know. After training with Shea, she can go into stores and on walks without the fear of her attacking someone. She also learned several tricks like sit, lay down, speak, turn (when on a leash), and wait (at the door). Shea made a huge difference in Xena by training her!


Mike and Roxy


My family had decided to take a last minute vacation over fall break. I called every boarding facility in town and they all were booked. Luckily, I found Shea and he welcomed Roxy. When she came home after a week she was a different dog. I could just tell that Shea worked with her. He sent videos and photos of everything they were doing while we were away, giving me a piece of mind that she was safe and happy!

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